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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a life-long condition that impacts the brain. It is a diverse group of conditions that is experienced differently by each person.  The neurodiversity viewpoint is to reduce stigma which includes autism as well as other neurological conditions.  Every autistic or neurodivergent individual is unique as is their journey.

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About Us

FOOTPRINTS 4 Autism is recreational and it is not meant to replace therapy.  Recreational programs are provided in a fun, safe and supportive social environment to just “be and enjoy” time with peers.

Become A Volunteer

Volunteers make our programs possible.  We offer Autism education and specialized training to ensure the best care is provided.  Click “Get Involved” page to learn more or on the link below to join our team.

Raising Awareness of Autism

Out in the community to increase awareness and acceptance of Autism.
Students Rhea, Rayna and Arya from Bill Hogarth Secondary School in Markham for activity supplies
and Home Depot stores (Whitby North and Ajax) for kids workshop kits!

Volunteer Appreciation Month

Celebrating our many volunteers – past and present – for choosing FOOTPRINTS. Thank you for your continued support of our programs!
Guest speakers: Whitby Mayor Elizabeth Roy, Jody and Peter Lipton and Joshua H.
Thank you for being part of our celebration and letting us all know the impact of volunteers and our programs!



  • June 8, 2023: Spring Carnival, Sunset Heights P.S., Oshawa
    5:00pm – 8:30pm
  • May 13, 2023: Spring Fling, Vaughan Willard P.S., Pickering
  • April 16, 2023: Autism Awareness & Acceptance Month, Pickering Library
  • April 8, 2023: Autism Awareness & Acceptance Month, Pickering Library
  • March 25, 2023: Autism Town Hall, Pickering Library
  • March 25, 2023: Youth in Policing Conference, Durham Region Building, Whitby
  • August 23, 2034: Durham Youth in Policing Conference

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Health and Safety

The well-being of everyone involved in our programs are paramount and we have enhanced our protocols to keep everyone safe.